Kindness Camp Arts and Crafts Leader

Lily Cordaro.JPG

In case you're wondering, I'm not leading Kindness Camp alone! I will have a wonderful partner and friend, Lily Cordaro, by my side. We grew up together in SE Portland and went to the same schools from Elementary through High School. She was a couple years ahead of me, but we played together in band. She played trumpet and I played saxophone! Her brother also played sax and we were good friends so I spent a lot of time hanging out at her house growing up. 

We reconnected 20 years later when our Band Teacher, Mr. Gaulke, passed away and they created a Memorial Page on Facebook to honor him. We realized that we both lived in Denver, CO and had children close in age! We took our kids on many adventures, play dates and park visits. We supported each other through breast feeding, potty training and all the challenges that come with raising kids. 

As luck would have it,  we both moved back to the PNW within a few months of each other. She moved to Clackamas, OR and I moved to Camas, WA. It's been wonderful to watch our children grow up together and become good friends. 

Lily always does amazing arts and crafts with her kids. I admire her creativity and resourcefulness. She finds interesting ways to reuse or repurpose materials to make cool stuff. From furniture to dolls to ornaments to practical household hacks. She's amazing!

Lily is excited to be part of this summer's Kindness Camp. Before having children, she earned a master's degree in Linguistics and taught or tutored English as a second language for about 10 years.  She loves working with children and has 3 little ones of her own.  She loves everything creative, fun and messy and looks forward to leading the arts and crafts for the camps this summer.